A Screening of worker-produced films from Australia and Indonesia
MayDay Rooms, 4 March 2023

This free screening provided an opportunity to view two rarely screened films made by workers to document and resist their exploitation. The films were produced in Australia in the 1980s and Indonesia in the 2000s, giving an insight into the labour issues and workers' use of filmmaking outside Europe and North America.

Serena Everill and Chris Brown's Running out of Patience, shot on picket lines and demonstrations during the nurses' strike of 1986 in Australia, provided direct testimony from nurses, many of whom were taking political action for the first time.

The Globalisation Tapes was produced by workers from the Independent Plantation Workers’ Union of Sumatra (Indonesia) and the International Union of Food and Agricultural Workers (IUF) in collaboration with the Vision Machine Film Project. Using a range of footage, much of it shot by the workers, the film unpicked how the struggle of Indonesian workers was a result of both domestic political violence and the complicity of multinational trade bodies and corporations. 

The screening was followed by an open discussion.