Losing Home: Expanded Realities
Open City Documentary Festival, 25-29 April 2024

This exhibition featured five non-fiction works which used moving image practices in the broadest sense of the term to address the sensation of alienation from a domestic environment. These works by Aay Liparoto, Alice Bucknell, Ben Joseph Andrews & Emma Roberts, Nick Smith and Patricia Echeverria Liras allowed viewers to inhabit bodies, relationships and built environments which have, each in their own way, come to feel like home and which have since been transformed into hostile and unfamiliar spaces. 

Ranging in subject from a neurological condition to the politics of housing and the entwined ecological, indigenous and regulatory histories of Los Angeles, the works used immersive and interactive media including virtual and mixed reality and video game technologies, to make these manifestations of alienation come to be more viscerally experienced, and in some cases, embodied. 

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