Video Projects

Studio Visit: Clump Collective
Rife Magazine, 2021

As part of my residency with Rife Magazine, I visited CLUMP Collective, a music video collective based in Ashton.

By speaking to them and filming the space they worked in, I aimed to capture their collective collaborative creative process whilst also giving viewers an insight into the process of music video production,  sitting between conventional filmmaking and music.

Future Leaders International
Playable City, 2021

This piece was made together with collaborators based in Durban and Lagos, following our participation in Playable City’s Future Leaders International lab in July 2021.

Using footage from the three cities, original music and text, the piece explores our collective response to the themes explored over the week including future heritage, climate justice and creative resilience. 

Barbican Young Visual Arts Group, 2021

This piece was produced for the Barbican Centre’s Young Visual Arts Group’s digital exhibition ‘Regenerate’ which launched in May 2021.

Shot at Severn Beach on the west coast of England, the piece explores the area’s history as a site of transit and liminality, with its bridges, ferries and ports. In doing so, it makes a case that inhabiting non-sites and embracing non-action can be a radical practice in a hypermobile age of activity.

SCENE Interviews
BFI Film Academy, 2020-22

For BFI Film Academy, I conducted live interviews with young filmmakers from across the UK and beyond. With a focus on young audiences and providing them with practical advice to enter the film industry, the interviews covered the filmmakers’ recent films, the career more generally and any tips they have for young filmmakers.

The links to the recordings to the interviews can be found below: