Beneath the Surface

This exhibition featured works from the University of Bristol Print Collection and was produced by final year students on the Prints unit. Whilst initially planned as a physical exhibition to be installed in a space on campus, the effect of the COVID pandemic led to our work moving onto the digital platform Artsteps.

The exhibition explored the ways in which printmakers have depicted surfaces using the materiality of the printed medium and was split into three subthemes: opaque, translucent and transparent. The exhibition featured a range of works by artists from across art history including prints by David Hockney, Wenceslaus Hollar and Richard Wright.

Working collectively, our group tackled all aspects of curation including forming an argument and selecting the works to be featured to writing interpretation. However, within the team, I had specific responsibilities including setting up and configuring the digital platform alongside managing the project, ensuring every sub-team met their deadlines and that all our work would tie into a consistent and coherent overall project.

The final project can be viewed here.