Future Film Festival 2022
British Film Institute, 2021-22

I was part of a team of 10 Young Programmers who previewed and helped programme the 50 short films by young filmmakers from across the world for the 2022 edition of the BFI’s Future Film Festival, the UK’s largest festival for young filmmakers.

During the festival, I also co-programmed the event ‘So You Want to Move into Film?’ which featured three creatives who had intitally started working in disciplines other than filmmaking talking about how they moved into the film industry and how their past creative discipline influenced their creative practice.

The panellists were:
  1. Lauren Vevers, writer, theatre-maker and filmmaker
  2. Tasha Williams, graphic designer, production designer and producer
  3. Ng Choon Ping,  theatre and film director
The event was hosted by Clodagh Chapman.

I also hosted a report on Instagram Live during one of the days of the festival, presenting the programme of events and films that were taking place that day.