Bristol, Britain and Beyond
Epigram, 2021

Across 6-13 February, Epigram hosted Bristol, Britain and Beyond, a digital festival of talks featuring journalists from publications inlcuding The Times, The New Statesman and The Economist alongside leading academics.

The programme featured 8 events alongside an affiliate event. Our original ticket run sold out as did our second, leading to us adding further capacity. The festival went from conception to launch in under 4 weeks.

Leading this project, I was responsible for managing all aspects of its production, carrying out or delegating tasks including technical delivery, ticketing and graphic identity.
The final programme was as follows:
  1. Novelist and sports writer for The Times, Alyson Rudd on writing for sport
  2. Psycholgist and cognitive scientist Professor Stephan Lewandowsky on misinformation and conspiracy theories
  3. The New Statesman's International Corespondent Ido Vock on international journalism in 2021
  4. A webinar organised by a student group on journalism career advice, marketed by us
  5. ITV's Director of News Michael Jermey on reporting on the COVID pandemic
  6. A panel discussion with leading academics on English identity
  7. Bristol 24/7's Editor
  8. The Economist's Public Policy Correspondent Hamish Birrell on the state of British policymaking
  9. BBC Journalist and editorial assisstant Hannah Price on entering journalism and covering sensitive topics (postponed due to illness.)

Alongside programming the festival, I also hosted two of the events in the programme myself. One, with Ido Vock was not recorded, while the panel on English identity with John Denham, Tariq Modood and Alex Niven can be found below. A full playlist of the recorded talks can be found here.