Current projects:​​​​​​​
- 'A View at Once so Lofty and so Banal,' Milk Teeth: co-curator
- Deputy Digital Editor of Epigram, the University of Bristol's student newspaper
- Also (somewhat on the back burner) my final year of a BA in Liberal Arts at the University of Bristol

Other projects which may or may not come to anything:
- Working on various scripts and pieces of prose writing
- Planning a site-specific exhibition of relational art, with a focus on the relationship between the curator and the artist

Things I can do (which I will do if you commission me):
- Writing: academic (focus on cultural developments and theories 1980-present)
- Writing: criticism (deep dives into specific pieces of pop culture in particular)
- Writing: theatre (see scripts on Theatre page for examples)
- Set design (see scripts on Theatre page for examples)
- Graphic design (Photoshop, Illustrator)
- Commissioning, editing, copyediting, layout (InDesign for print and CMS systems for web)
- Curation and cultural programming
- Social media content creation and management


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